The chart of the fatal “Air-Germanwings” pilot!

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Pilot Andreas Lubitz (who according to the investigations intentionally crashed  – on March 24th – the “Germanwings” plane into the French Alps) is not just a tragic suicidal figure but one of the major serial killers in world history as well (since he deliberately killed 149 innocent passengers and crew of the plane – among them several children )! This man somehow “sowed” an incredible amount of death into very many of his fellow-humans – while he brought hundreds of families on the verge of unfathomable pain and despair!

Astrologically speaking, all these elements bear a fatal “odor” that is usually stemming out of the sign of Scorpio (to be more precise, it is stemming out of the lower, “blindly destructive” nature of this sign and not out of its elevated “Eagle” version), out of Pluto or out of the Eighth House. We do not know Lubitz’s time of birth and therefore we do not know whether or not he has an Eighth House emphasis in his horoscope. But it seems to abundantly have the other two aforementioned elements: Scorpio and Pluto!

Andreas Lubitz - Germanwings suicidal pilot

Although the solar sign of Andreas Lubitz is Sagittarius, his Moon (the “planet” that is closely linked to the “inner universe” of an individual, to his/her soul) is in the sign of Scorpio! A Scorpio Moon entails some very powerful, intense and extreme energies in one’s soul. But Lubitz’s scorpionic emphasis does not end here, since he was having in the sign of Scorpio Mars and Pluto too – forming a conjunction among them! Both Mars and Pluto are two archetypes associated with “war” and with death – on a rather collective level. And a Mars – Pluto conjunction is (in its “negative” manifestation) one of the most explosive and uncontrollably violent aspects that one can encounter in a horoscope.

My own hypothesis is that Andreas Lubitz was born in the evening, say around 8:30 pm. The Moon was then in the very last degree (designated by many astrologers as a “critical degree”) of Scorpio! The Moon is actually in its “fall” when in Scorpio. In its “negative” manifestation such a Moon may cause severe psychological problems, a lot of inner pain and a torrential discomfort within the soul of the person bearing it. At the same time the Moon in Scorpio is bestowing upon the individual a unique “stealthing” capacity, an ability that is to effectively hide his/her inner states of mind so that nobody ever notices them!

So, if Lubitz were born around 8:30 pm. he would then have a particularly “heavy” Fourth House in his chart (with Mars conjunct Pluto in there and a Moon in Scorpio (in its fall) – not to mention a plausible fourth house cusp in Scorpio!). Such a scenario would produce in us the suspicion that he was born and raised in a rather “toxic”, upsetting and stressful family environment, which may have caused him severe wounds in his soul.

Just a few days prior to Lubitz’s heinous act the planet Saturn (who is somehow pivotal in his chart, as it is forming a tight conjunction with his Sun) became retrograde and started approaching his natal Moon (which is definitely either in the very first degrees of Sagittarius or in Scorpio’s last). As they say, Lubitz had recently went through a period of severe depression – which is perfectly “tying” in with the fact of the “granite” planet Saturn hovering over his Moon for the most part of 2014. Since last December, however, Saturn dynamically went direct and moved to the sign of Sagittarius, staying temporarily a little away from his Moon. Until last March the 15th, when Saturn became retrograde and Lubitz’s strong “scorpionic” nature sensed it again casting its heavy shadow over him …

If the case of a Leo Ascendant holds water (he was an avid sportsman) then it seems that another powerful astrological event occurred in Lubitz’s chart, just four days before he crashed the plane: a total solar eclipse in his Eighth House (over his North Node and in a particularly discordant square aspect to his Sagittarius stellium)! Such an eclipse is capable of creating a huge emotional upheaval in an individual – especially within the deeper and more irrational layers of his soul  – and lead him/her into extreme actions that he wouldn’t normally carry on…

I would like to add here another element that struck me in his chart: the tight conjunction of his Sun with planet Saturn and the (even tighter) conjunction of his Sun with Uranus! This loaded “package” (the Sun in the freedom loving Sagittarius co-existing with the rather “heavy” and “binding” planet Saturn AND with the somehow subversive and electrical planet Uranus) creates a very special “mix” – and ultimately is contributing to the formation of personality that you never know where and when s/he will suddenly and uncontrollably snap…

They say that the deeper cause of this Lubitz’s horrible act is a heartbreak he recently went through. I know that an eventual heartbreak is experienced with extreme severity and acute pain by any individual having in his/her chart a Scorpio emphasis. A man i.e. with his Moon in Scorpio is “merging” himself  to such an extent with his companion that when he loses her he is losing his very self, the whole earth trembles under his feet!

The crucial point is that the German pilot Andreas Lubitz could very well cut the thread of his life within the privacy i.e. of his house (if that was what he really wanted). Why did he then choose to intentionally crash the plane with all the passengers in it? (just imagine him staring for a while – just before entering the cockpit and with some grudge in his eyes – the happy families and the kids joyfully playing in the cabin). I believe that Lubitz wanted to revenge his somehow painful earlier years and his overall dark childhood.

In my astrology seminars I am ever stressing the fact that the sign of Cancer (Family) is in a constant dynamic interaction with the diametrically opposite sign of Capricorn (Society). Thus, society is usually experienced by the people as a sort of second “surrogate family”! Meaning that we are somehow “paying back” to society the traumas’ we are carrying in our souls from our earlier years and we are ever “revenging” society for all the “wrongdoings” we suffered in our childhood – i.e. by simply throwing litter out of our car window or even by deliberately flying an airbus into a mountain and by murdering thus an entire chunk of the society…

Thomas Gazis

Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis


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The Greek Declaration of Independence (and the true horoscope of modern Greece!)

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more -you’ll be a Man, my son!”

This Rudyard Kipling’s “If” poem was one of my favourites during my early adolescence. I couldn’t entirely understand the melodramatic tone of the poem back then. I was just sensing that life – and the poets talent – had distilled some omnipotent truth in this particular poem, so something was telling me to keep it in me as some precious resource. That proved to be a wise move, because as the years were passing by I was ever more encountering situations were I had to make a stand against many individuals supporting a totally different point of view. I was thus resorting often to this poem, as I was struggling to maintain my inner balance. Because difficult as it might be to stand all alone against many it is (when creative) one of the holier tasks a human being can undertake…

This premise was rather necessary for you to understand the gist of this article. You see, I am probably the only person in Greece claiming that the national horoscope of Greece is not the one everybody else believes it is! And I am not claiming this out of some whimsical extravagance of my character but because there is ample evidence of it, as you will see.

Before proceeding further, I should stress the fact that commercial astrology is running high in modern Greece while what we call “cultured astrology” and the astrological research in general are almost non existent! Greece is a small country and the opinions of certain astrological “companies” and “environments” tend to prevail easily (no matter how subjective, outdated or even biased they are). So, almost all the Greek astrologers are claiming that modern Greece was born with the London Protocol on February 3rd, 1830 – and thus it is an Aquarian country. But if you ask them how can they be so sure they will most probably answer you: “Well, everybody says so…”!

Δικήρυξη Ανεξαρτησίας Ελλάδας

The painting you see above depicts a monumental event in modern Greek history, an event which is – oddly – largely unknown to the Greek astrologers! It is a painting hung in a hall of the Greek Parliament and it depicts the historical moment the Greeks are declaring their independence from the Turks (who had militarily occupied Greece for four whole centuries) in the year 1822! The painting is entitled “the Declaration of the Political existence and independence of the Greek Nation”! Essentially this Declaration marks the founding act of contemporary Greece. This monumental Declaration (which is an astrological milestone as well, as we will see later on) took place in Epidaurus, on January 1, 1822 (old – Julian – calendar).

You may see below the original text of that Declaration (the papyrus that the Greek patriot with the blue vest is showing at – in the above painting) as it has survived from that period. Being a Greek and reading this declaration of the Greek “founding fathers” is a rather emotional experience. Every single word contained in it is carefully tailored so that it captures the spirit and the intentions of the “founding fathers” of modern Greece, as they were about to declare their Independence:

Αυθεντικό κείμενο Διακήρυξης Επιδαύρου
«In the name of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, the Greek Nation that in the last four centuries has been under the horrible Turkish rule, unable to bear any more the heavy and unprecedented tyranny, which with huge sacrifices we have finally thrown off, is proclaiming today – through its legitimate delegates here assembled – in front of God and humanity, its political existence and Independence! Epidaurus January 1st 1822».

Note that the “founding fathers” of modern Greece are explicitly stating the year 1822 as the “First Year of the Independence of Greece!” Thus, they are somehow telling us that in 1822 the modern Greek nation-state was born. Today most of the scholars in political sciences are in full agreement with them!

See for example what the Greek branch of “Wikipedia” is reporting in its article on the First Greek National Assembly of Epidaurus:

“The (1822) National Assembly of Epidaurus constitutes the first legislative body of the newly founded Greek state.”

See also what the Greek professor of Law Pierrina Koriatopoulou is stating regarding the matter:

“The Epidaurus Declaration of the Greek Independence is a major achievement of the First Greek National Assembly. It introduces modernity in Greek society, which is called forth to establish – through some very innovative political institutions – the state rule of the first in the Greek history independent nation-state.”

I personally consider crucial an assessment made by the professor of the Athens University of Political Sciences George Dimakopoulos:

“The Declaration of the Political Existence and Independence of the Greek Nation is the constitutive act of the Greek State, whose foundation, legally and historically has to be regarded as from January 1st, 1822 (old calendar, meaning January 13 on the Gregorian calendar). Certain points of view that appoint it to a different day – ultimately connecting it to the diplomatic recognition of the Greek State by foreign powers – not only are contrary to the applied Greek national law, but to the international law too. For the diplomatic recognition of a State by a foreign power cannot be turned into a constituent part of that State!”

Obviously the majority of today’s Greek astrologers are rather ignoring these findings of the political sciences because they are assuming that modern Greece was born on February 3, 1830, when the foreign powers recognised – for the sake of their own interests – the Greek independence (with the London Protocol)! Therefore the Greek astrologers are sustaining that modern Greece is an Aquarian country! But it doesn’t look like one at all! Whoever has lived in Greece s/he knows that the modern Greek society not only does not encompass but it actually lacks some major Aquarian attributes like the creative collectivism, the progressive attitude, the idealism, the radical innovations etc.).

So, Greece is the only country in the entire world that is not defining its national horoscope from the date when the Greeks themselves declared their Independence (as the Americans do, who have a far more advanced astrology). Instead, the Greek astrologers are determining the national horoscope of their country on the basis of the date the foreign powers recognised Greece as an independent nation – state! This is somehow an insult to the memory of the Greek “founding fathers,” whom we are seeing on the above painting enthusiastically proclaiming the political existence and independence of Greece! It’s like telling them that the foreign powers and not themselves are to be considered the founding fathers of modern Greece!

Obviously there are some loose ends here. There is something wrong not only astrologically but historically too. You see, when the Greek astrologers are claiming that modern Greece was born with the London Protocol (in 1830) they are automatically committing an injustice to their own “founding fathers”! It is as if their founding fathers never proclaimed the Greek Independence from the Ottoman Turks, as if they never won battles against the Turks, as if they never shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for Greece!

What you see below is the copy of an old Greek chronicle reporting on a very critical national assembly that took place in 1843, immediately after the massive revolt of the Greek people who were protesting against the totalitarianism of of the German King of Greece Otto and were demanding a proper “Constitution”!

Χρονικό Γ ΕθνοσυνέλευσηςOne can easily deduce from chronicles like this that Greece was a fully fledged state long before 1830 (for example John Capodistria – the undoubtly most eminent politician in modern Greece – was appointed prime minister in 1827). Moreover, the “Otto monarchy” was imposed onto the Greek people by the foreign powers and was never accepted in the souls and in the hearts of the everyday people. In the above chronicle I am underlying an expression in Greek that goes: “King Otto and the Bavarians skillfully and deliberately silenced the fact that Greece had a fully fledged government long BEFORE the London Protocol (February 3, 1830)!”

So, the Germans were “hushing” back then the fact that the Greeks had established a government of their own long before King Otto arrived in Greece. Why would they do such a thing? Well, just think about it… They were hushing it because their own “agenda” was completely different from the one of the Greek people! Ultimately, the horoscope based on the date February 3, 1830 is the horoscope of the foreign plans for Greece (the horoscope of the “Kingdom of Greece”, a kingdom that was actually abolished in 1974 by a national referendum). And definitely it’s not the national horoscope of Greece, which should stem out of the historical date January 1st, 1822, Old Style).

Greece is a Capricornian country (you may read my relative article here)! Therefore, those Greek astrologers who are insisting that the national horoscope of Greece is resulting from the February 3, 1830 date are somehow allying themselves with king Otto (with the Bavarians and with the foreign powers in general) and NOT with the spirit and the will of the Greek people!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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The mysterious March 20th, 2015 “twin” Solar Eclipse

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There is a particular factor that makes the March 20th, 2015 Solar Eclipse special: it falls right on the very last degree of the zodiac (on the last degree of Pisces – which is of course the last degree of the zodiac too). So this is a somehow “threshold” eclipse, ushering us into a state of “limbo”. It is a rather “dissolving” eclipse, whose basic task is to irrevocably close a cycle of things – but it is apparently encountering a lot of resistance in doing so. Some highly unstable and unpredictable conditions are likely to occur now and lead us into a state of a “dead-end path”, recycling things and ever returning us to the same point – producing thus global confusion, fatigue and unrest…

In the astrological tradition, the 29 degrees of Pisces are considered “critical”. They may cause great instability, blur the “landscape” around us and bring forth torrential conditions of “dissolution” and “decomposition”. So, this “frontiers” kind of eclipse is somehow stating that an old cycle of things and situations has run its course and should be withdrawn now, so that a brand new cycle begins! This is an extremely delicate process though, which can trigger a series of uncontrollable events, uncertainty and disruption within the masses.

Most of the Solar Eclipses are (under a calendrical point of view)  “twin” eclipses. They are manifested in a set of two similar eclipses 19 years apart. Thus, the current eclipse will be repeated on March 20, 2034 (in the very last degree of the zodiac as well). For those of you looking for historical correlations, the same set of “29 degrees Pisces twin Solar Eclipses” re-occurred in the past in the 17th century: on March 20, 1643 and on March 20, 1662. That was when the Age of the Enlightenment and of the modern sciences was beginning to take hold…

On a purely personal level, we must follow now the path of humility and spirituality so that we effectively channel the powerful effects of this eclipse. Any effort to force out our own egotistical desires will fall flat on its face (especially around the eclipse date). We must therefore put aside our egos and abandon with confidence ourselves (up to a certain extent, of course ) to the care of the “universal welfare” …

Thomas Gazis

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The astrological implications of lifting planet Pluto’s veil!


A monumental astronomical/ astrological event is going to occur in just a few months time! An event oddly coinciding with the Pluto’s “taking over” of the “World Zenith” (you may read about it here) and with the end of the Uranus – Pluto “seven fold” cosmic dance. I am talking about the first encounter ever of planet Pluto with a human artifact: the “New Horizons” space probe which was launched back in 2006 – destined to Pluto and beyond!

By now “New Horizons” is so close to Pluto that we are about to resolve – through the probe’s telescope –  this mysterious planet’s surface features! You see, living up to its namesake god’s reputation, Pluto has kept  its face strictly hidden from us till now (even with our strongest telescope we could just get a blurred image of it – of just a few pixels)! But all this is going to change and for the first time ever we are going to disclose the “awful face” of the god of the underworld! And that seems to be on its own a sort of “hubris” (in the Greek sense of the word)! Let us thus hope that no fatal event (fatality being a Plutonian attribute) will occur and the probe will successfully complete its mission. And without doubt, the arrival of “New Horizons” to Pluto will be celebrated as a major astronomical / space event. The fact is though that – under a “Semiotics” point of view – this flyby should be heralded as a major astrological event too!

For some mysterious (Plutonic?) reason, the major astronomical breakthroughs are all along triggering major astrological breakthroughs too. This is not a conclusion stemming out purely from some theoretical, abstract field – such as the aforementioned “Semiotics”. There is ample evidence of it, drawn out of a series of similar past events. To cite one, the astronomical discovery of the “awaking” and revolutionary planet Uranus back in 1781 paradoxically coincided with a very radical and enlightened period in the world history, a period that ultimately bred the historical USA and French revolutions!

Thus, the imminent disclosure of Pluto’s face – for the very first time ever in the history of humanity – should be considered a meaningful event on an astrological level too! Shedding light on an archaic archetype of invisibility, of obscurity and darkness, seeing it from such a proximity and “stealing” with our cameras its face is entailing some kind of “intrusion” into the realm of the “under world“. The current cosmic balance is going to be disrupted in some sense…

Don’t get me wrong though here! I am not against such a “disruption” – out i.e. of some shamanic ideology. I just regard this mission as a pivotal event that will produce a “quantum leap” for mankind and for our collective consciousness! It is very likely to trigger a chain of events around the Pluto flyby (on July 14), events mainly of an esoteric character that will entail a deep transformation for humanity …

In fact, as Pluto will be revealing to us for the first time ever its occult face it might as well bring us into contact with our own “shadow”! And it might eventually reveal to us some deep mysteries! Mysteries related to the life/death process, to some new intricacies of the human soul/unconscious or shocking discoveries regarding the universe (or the multi-universes), the nuclear physics and the paradoxical world of the “quantistic dimensions”…

Thomas Gazis

Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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An original ancient horoscope (from the Oxyrhynchus collection)!

It doesn’t seem like much but the image you see above depicts a  miraculously preserved ancient horoscope! It is a horoscope in its textual form that was habitual in that period and it derives from the Hellenistic Egypt, which is the cradle of modern, “horoscopic” Astrology! There, the ancient Greeks (in collaboration with Egyptian, Jewish etc. priests and scholars) created two thousand years ago an incredibly sophisticated Astrology, which is the precursor to the one we are practicing today.

This horoscope was found in the ruins of the Hellenistic city of Oxyrhynchus (160 km south of modern Cairo), which is located on the banks of a Nile’s tributary. In this region the holly egyptian fish which in Greek is called “oxyrhynchus” (sturgeon) was abounding, hence the name of the city (which was the third largest in Hellenistic Egypt). It is a horoscope written on papyrus, which remained relatively intact for 18 whole centuries because it was buried in the Egyptian desert sand – in some ideal that is for its maintenance conditions. In fact this papyrus was found – along with thousands of others and dozens of horoscopes – in the ancient rubbish dump of the city of Oxyrhynchus!

As you can see, the above papyrus looks like eaten by bugs and it has major voids in it. The experts however managed (by the method of “crossword”) to restore a large portion of the text. Let’s see below its full “transcription”:

                                                                         (figure 2)

This is the horoscope of a person that was born (as you can see in the second paragraph of figure 2) in the third year of the reign of the Roman Emperor Severus Alexander (this was the way they were identifying a particular year back then, on the base of the emperor ruling at the time). The individual was born in the sixteenth day of the Egyptian month “Choiak”, in the fifth hour of the night (five “nocturnal” hours after sunset that is). This puzzling date actually corresponds to the date December 14, 223 CE, at 9 pm. You can see the modern version (created by “Solar Fire Gold”) of this ancient horoscope below :

If you watch closely, you will notice that some of the planets in figure 2 are in a different sign than the one given in the above modern horoscope (i.e. the Moon according to figure 2 is in Pisces but in the above modern horoscope is in Aquarius. Venus is in Sagittarius in figure 2 but in Scorpio in the modern horoscope  – and Mars is ultimately not in Scorpio but in Sagittarius). Actually behind this controversy lies a short story. Or rather, three stories!

I am inviting you to check carefully the photo of the papyrus horoscope at the top of this article! You might notice there three different handwritings(meaning that three different people wrote something on this papyrus)! At the very top of the papyrus there is the first handwriting (with the large capital Greek letters). It is providing us the original info for this horocope (written as I mentioned in a textual form, according to the habit of that era). But at the bottom left of the papyrus there is a different handwriting. A rather feisty character, writing with “lowercase” letters and at an upward angle. Actually, this person is correcting the spelling of certain words in the original text (he is correcting i.e. the greek word for the sign of Capricorn – which is originally written as “Εγοκερω” – into its right form “Αιγοκερω”. Such a rare misspelling for the sign of Capricorn indicates that the astrologer who wrote the original text in this papyrus was either very poorly educated or a Greek speaking foreigner – usually an Egyptian or Hebrew).

Finally, there is a third handwriting at the bottom right of the papyrus. This is the handwriting of a second astrologer who seems to be more competent than the first one – not only in terms of spelling but in calculating the planetary positions too. You see him revising the planetary positions indicated by the first (not very competent) astrologer, marking with a tick – better distinguished in figure 2 – each planetary position he is checking over. He has identified two erroneous planetary positions, which he is marking with a symbol that looks like a greek lambda (λ): the Moon which is not in the sign of Pisces but in Aquarius and Mars which is not in Scorpio but in Sagittarius! The impeccable modern astrological program “Solarfire Gold” fully concords with him! It puzzles us though the fact that although this secod astrologer seems to be far more competent he fails to produce the proper position  of Venus (it is in Scorpio, not in Sagittarius). Maybe the ephemeris or the almanac the second astrologer used to calculate the position of Venus was somehow flawed in Venus’ case…

We can say that the man for whom this horoscope was cast was not very happy with the first astrologer. Thus he eventually requested a second opinion from an apparently more competent astrologer. And today we are in the position to know that his choice was the proper one!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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Astrological Concepts in Ancient Greek Folklore – The “Keares”!

The ancient Greeks had a very strong tendency to «anthropomorphize» everything, from their Gods to the most abstract concepts. No surprise then that they had anthropomorphized the viruses and even the “bad vibrations”!

For instance, when someone was falling seriously ill in ancient Greece people would say: “s/he has  been possessed by “Keares””. And with the word “Keares” they did not mean demons. They rather meant micro – organisms or viruses! Surprisingly enough, the Greeks had invented a virus concept two thousand five hundred years ago!

Furthermore, the Greeks had «anthropomorphized» even the vibrations of each elusive moment! According to the ancient Greeks when we experience bad moments it is because some Keares have intruded into the place we stand fouling the air around us! Thus, the current moment becomes unpropitious and adverse and consequently everything goes wrong!

The Keares are not necessarily bad. Good Keares exist as well. We might say that the Keares somehow represent the good or the bad astrological influences of the moment. There is ample testimony of this in certain preserved ancient pots and urns with Keares depicted on them. These depictions elucidate pretty well the nature of the Keares.

The above picture for example shows Hercules about to slain a Kear. This Kear has a grotesque, ugly face and can be taken either as a virus or a “bad vibration”, a bad moment. In both cases Hercules eliminates the virus or this negative vibration.

(You may read the whole article here )

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Astrological predictions for Greece (2012 and beyond) – under the siege of Eris!

                                                    (an artist’s concept of Eris)

Greece is taken over by unknown forces! Forces the nature of which we essentially ignore! All we can say with certainty is that these astrological forces are omnipotent, primordial and somehow fatal. They will radically change the shape and the “soul” of this ancient country. A new Greece is been hatched now, a Greece that if it will be finally “born” and raised it will have nothing in common with the old Greece of the 20th century (or of the first decade of the 21st century). I wrote “if it will be born” because this is a delicate phase, where always lurks the danger of extinction. The astrological influences on Greece are extremely powerful now! And they largely stem out of a planet that has just been discovered and whose nature we must decode promptly!

Actually, modern Greece has never before received such extreme astrological influences! Especially in the last 3 years it has been the “target” of a mysterious primordial  planet (dwarf planet to the astronomers) that moves on the very edge of our solar system and which is called “Eris”! This planet is big enough – as big as Pluto – but it is so far away from us that we discovered it only in 2005. When it was first discovered many people considered it to be the legendary Tenth Planet of our solar system! We are not talking here about a “boulder” but about an important celestial body, which we astrologers owe to include in the astrological charts we erect and interpret it properly. Very little we know about its nature and its astrological properties. It will probably take another 20 to 30 years to form a complete picture of its astrological “identity”. The thing is though that Eris has spent the last years being in a severe frontal collision course with the horoscope of Greece. And it is the first time since the foundation of this mediterranean country that Eris is influencing in such a negative way. This is a major astrological event, which as far as I know has not been studied yet! An event that requires us to determine directly the mysterious properties of Eris, because they ultimately determine to a large extent the course of Greece in 2012 – and in the years to come!

Eris is now at 21 degrees of Aries and it is currently forming an acute square aspect to the natal Sun of modern Greece (22 degrees of Capricorn, and a few minutes – not sure about Greece’s time of “birth”). Essentially, Eris is hovering over the 22 degrees of Ariessince 2010 (the year the huge crisis in Greece started). And because of its extremely slow motion and its many retrogradations Eris will keep hovering around 22 degrees of Aries until 2017 – forming continuously a square aspect for 8 consecutive years to Greece’s natal Sun! Considering the adverse influences of Uranus – Pluto too in the natal horoscope of this country (you can see it here), you realize how crucial this period is for modern Greece.

Since each planet has its “flip” side (i.e. Pluto contains the “destruction” but the “regeneration” too), our interpretation will not be complete unless we find first this Eris’ “flip” side . We have already taken a first idea of ​​the “destructive” side of Eris, but we completely ignore its “creative” side, namely how will 
Eris “reform” and “re-build”  the future Greece (of the 2020’s – 2030’s)!

(a BBC photo)

The most conspicuous elements of the mythological Eris that its namesake planettriggered in Greece’s case are the next:

1) The sense of the sudden and unexpected breaking of the “wedding party”. Greece livedin the previous years a largely fictitious prosperity  and suddenly – under the influence of Eris – the “party” broke! From a rather “celebrative” mood  the Greeks fell soon to a depressive and even suicidal mood!

2) The element of the “uninvited”, of the “unwanted” (Eris was the only deity that was considered undesirable and was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis). This is how the Western European Union is treating now Greece, like a “pariah” country.

3) The friction and “discord” that occurred in Greece (the endless ptotests and clashes on the streets of Athens and the tension between the various social strata).

4) “Lawlessness” (a parliamentary minority – which basically does not represent the will of the Greek people – is now legislating and deciding the fate of the entire country).

5) The “chain reaction” effect. In the Eris myth something small and insignificant, like the golden apple that Eris threw in the room where  the marriage of Peleus and Thetis was taking place disrupted some delicate balances and caused strong chain reactions that eventually led to the Trojan war. On a superficial reading, the responsibility for the conduct of the Trojan war could be attributed to Eris. In reality, however, Eris intervention was just the “drop” that overflowed the already full – of egos and rivalries between the gods – glass.” Such a role of an “international trouble maker” has been lately attributed to Greece (which is generally depicted as a heavily indebted country inhabited by lazy, irresponsible, corrupted people).

Every time, now, a memorandum is passed for voting in the Greek parliament all the stock markets of the world are (apparently) anxiously awaiting the outcome of the voting, as if a tiny country and economy like the Greek could affect the stock exchanges of our entire planet! This is completely absurd, and yet many people believe that Greece is largely responsible for the current course of the stock markets all over the world! And indeed Greece has a huge exterior debt. But this debt largely consists of all kinds of “toxic debts” that certain foreign banks and funds unethically dumped upon Greece! In any case, this mediterranean country has suddenly become extremely important to the entire planet, it is the country most often heard in the news all over the world! It has gained an unprecedented worldwide publicity – but mostly of a negative kind, at this stage!

And to step into the paths of the “jungian synchronicity” there are some other elements that do not stem from the mythological Eris but from the “spirit” of the period in which Eris was discovered:

1) planet Eris was given a Greek name – of a Greek deity – and soon after its discovery Greece suddenly became the most “discussed” country all over the world!

2) the element of “demotion”. The “demotion” of Pluto occurred as a result of Eris discovery. Since Eris looked a lot like Pluto the astronomers suddenly realize that they both belong to another realm – to the Kuiper belt – and not to our very Solar System. But the fact of Pluto’s demotion into a dwarf planet caused confusion and upset to millions of people around the world who were accustomed to regard Pluto as a planet. Similarly, the  “international rating agencies” constantly downgrade Greece lately. Moreover, the very standards of life dramatically slipped in the last couple of years in Greece (and we are talking in material terms here, because under the human point of view the Greek society has ameliorated, the human approach between the individuals in Greece became warmer, stronger, more fraternal – than in the previous consumistic Era).

3) The “capsizing” of the scene. By 2005 we knew that our Solar System ended to Pluto, that Pluto was the last planet. And suddenly in 2005 (with the discovery of Eris) we realized that a vast new world – filled with many planetoids – extends beyond our Solar System and that eventually Pluto is not the last of the planets but the first of the planetoids! This is a sort of quantum leap, a momentous shift in human consciousness! So I think that Eris is associated with properties like those of the “unexpected capsizing of the scene,” of the acquisition of a “more advantageous point of view” and of a “profound mass awakening.”

All these elements have been strongly manifested in the – under the siege of Eris – today’s Greece. Like many citizens across the world, the Greeks were previously conducting – blissful and unaware – their lives within their “Greek mini-universe” and suddenly the horizons opened up and Greece was flooded by the agony of so many nations and international stock markets which apparently – for some mysterious reason – were dependant upon Greece! The Greeks suddenly realized that their “Greek microcosm” was ultimately composed of more dimensions than they never thought of, that their country is crucial and relevant to the entire world! They painfully realized the huge responsibility of their current and previous governments, of their fellow citizens and themselves as well for the colossal crisis they are going through. Quite paradoxically, the Greek governments that previously were expressing the will of the people now seem to express quite the opposite: what is against the will of the people! Under these circumstances the Greeks have somehow lost their “bearings” and are in confusion and despair now, they cannot understand what is actually going on, what is happening to them – as everything around them seems so grim and chaotic (another Eris’ property), unstable and threatening!

Thus, if we want to discover more Eris’ properties Greece is now our chance! As this country is currently under the siege of Eris, we should simply observe and differentiate the particular results of Eris upon Greece. One such key element is what I call the “schizoid paradox.” While the everyday Greek citizens experience at first hand the cruelty and brutality of the various “memoranda”, cuts and undemocratic measures the Greek politicians maintain that they are taking these steps “for the people’s own good”! I have the impression that one of the astrological properties of Eris will prove to be that of the “schizoid paradox” (two opposite things that seem equally plausible). The fact is that one cannot liberate him/herself from the entanglement of such a paradox unless s/he possesses a higher level of consciousness and an ability of “second reading”).

I personally marvel at how much “collective” and “universal” Eris seems to be. It is far more collective and universal than Pluto! Thus, Eris creates some very particular ties between the “differentiated” and the “universal”, advocating the “inter-connectiveness” of all things. For example, apparently it is Greece that currently has a “huge” problem – “discussed” world-wide – but ultimately it turns out that Greece just happened to be the carrier of some very deep and profound “collective messages” that are resonating to the entire humanity! That is why many protesters in various European and other capitals rally to support Greece. They don’t actually do it purely for Greece but for themselves too. Because they know that what Greeks faces today they will probably face tomorrow. Greece represents to them a “condensed” symbol of something much bigger going on, to which every single citizen on this planet partakes! As the Australian author/journalist Guy Rundle put it: «Greece is now the cutting edge of the world»!

Some of the above mentioned attributes of Eris are in a way consistent with the view of certain astrologers who claim that Eris is the higher “octave” of planet Saturn (the method of “octave” turns to be an unexpected assistance to us, in our effort to decode the properties of Eris. According to it, the higher octave of Mercury is Uranus, Neptune of Venus and Pluto of Mars). Somehow, Eris appears to have expressed several “Saturnian” properties in the case of Greece. He brought a sharp decline in its people revenues, shortages, privations, hardships (many homes have no heating while many people by now resort to public messes in order to eat). An international scorn fell upon the people of Greece – foreign goverments argue that the Greeks are lazy and they cannot tidy up their country. If Eris is ultimately the higher octave of Saturn then it will work really hard and it will probably bring Greece to the very point of extinction. From a certain point on though Eris will “mature” Greece and it will begin to build this country on a new, stronger foundations – transforming this Mediterranean country into a more vibrant, progressed and competitive country!

My personal view however is that Eris is the highest octave of Uranus. Between Pluto and Eris there are two more large planetoids, “Haumea” and “Make-Make.” If we want to keep the hierarchy then we should consider Haumea as the superior octave of Jupiter and Make-Make as the one of Saturn. In such a case, Eris would be the higher octave of Uranus. This means that in the near future the people of Greece will probably experience a resounding overthrow of their established order – through extreme social uprisings and a general impoverishment and “lawlessness” that could initially dominate (another intrinsic element of Eris). I believe though that in a second phase some creative elements of Eris will manifest, which I personally asign to the Eris’ “odd singularity” principle (these elements will manifest especially from 2020 onwards, when the intensity of the square aspect of Pluto to the natal Sun of Greece will begin to wane). Eris will change in a strange way Greece in the late 2020’s. Of course by then Greece will be pretty much owned by its today’s creditors. But as Eris is wisely teaching us polarities are somehow an illusion. All is One and there should be no distinctions. A creditor and a debtor are intrinsincally related and thus the creditor can turn to a debtor and the debtor to a creditor! Thus, by the 2030’s many of the actual creditors – who are grooming now for the take over of the Greek wealth, resources, properties and assets – will be turning themselves (if living in Greece) into Greek citizens!

All in all, Eris will radically reshape Greece and turn it literally to a new country, a country more efficient and advanced, with better institutions and a more just society. Greece of 2020-2030 will be probably resembling a Mediterranean Sweden!

Thomas Gazis
This is a Thomas Gazis original article
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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World Predictions 2012 – A Rigid Pluto vs a Raging Uranus!

You would be surprised to know that you can make some DIY world astrological predictions (even if you are not very knowledgeable about astrology) as long as you remember the basics of mythology and possess a discerning mind!The image above depicts the “World Horoscope” for the year 2012. Actually a “World Horoscope” looks like a minimalist natal chart. We keep on it the “collective” planets (Uranus, Neptune,Pluto) and the intermediate, “social” ones (Jupiter, Saturn) – while we “strip” it from any personal planet. On a “World Horoscope” the sign of Aries stands always on the left and the sign of Capricorn on the top!

As the “intermediate” planets and the outer ones move slowly, their positions for the whole of 2012 will be – broadly – as you see them above (Jupiter – being relatively faster – will transit in the sign of Gemini too and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio from October on).

The most “elevated” planet in this “World Horoscope” is Pluto (the planet in black, on the top). Pluto actually stands on the very “Zenith of the World” – in the sign of Capricorn that is! Why is this “World’s Zenith” so important? Because any “social – collective” planet standing there somehow dictates the “spirit” that will prevail in humanity for the period of its stay there! With this in mind, we can foretell the “spirit” of 2012 as being somehow dark, extreme, plutocratic, ruthless, transformative and potentially “mortal” – as planet Pluto is!

Remember “Hades” in mythology? He is the same (tricky) deity as Pluto. Hades dwells in the underword and is usurping the souls of the deceased people and their fortunes too. Actually Hades is a “quintillioner”, as he accumulates over the centuries the fortunes of all the deceased people! Is this ringing a bell to you? The International Monetary Fund is apparently becoming the “Hades” of our Era, as it is ever more accumulating the fortunes of the various “deceased” nations – triggering a huge world financial crisis and bringing the spectre of poverty and famine over previously prospering populations! Goldman Sachs is allegedly ever more infiltrating the governments, indirectly ruling a large chunk of the world! Our governments are apparently getting ever more corrupted and irrational, reaching to the point of even conspiring against us (supposedly they are spraying us with chemtrails, they are massively administering us vaccines containing harmful to us toxic ingredients etc.) With dark and “diabolic” Pluto sitting currently on the “Word’s Zenith” our governments seem more “dark” and evil than ever! And this situation will aggravate in 2012, as Saturn will move into Scorpio (and will form a “mutual reception” with Pluto in Capricorn).

The planet most prominently “rising” on this “World Horoscope” is Uranus (the blue planet on the left, near the “horizon”). Uranus represents the kind of “energy” that is actually “rising” worldwide (we will analyze this in a while)! Uranus currently stands in Aries, over the “World’s Ascendant” point. This “World’s Ascendant” is a sort of “gate” and out of it torrential fresh energies are released upon humanity – and upon each single individual in particular. If the “World’s Zenith” represents the “ruling class” – as we saw – and Plutocracy then the “World’s Ascendant” represents the plain individuals and Democracy. Pluto on the “World’s Zenith” makes the ruling classes ever more corrupted and oppressive while Uranus on the “World’s Ascendant” makes the individuals torrentially rebellious! And as Pluto and Uranus are blatantly clashing in 2012 (by a very harsh astrological aspect called “square”) we are going to witness tremendous battles between the people and the ruling classes in the months ahead!

Uranus is the “Big Awakener”! As it reached in the last couple of years the “World’s Ascendant” it has torrentially started awaking the individuals all over the planet, inciting them to take the power from their corrupted governments into their own hands! A brave new individual is born now, far less inactive and “dormant”, more partaking to the society and to the collective, more enlightened, visionary and even “cosmic”!

Finally, planet Neptune in Pisces will probably bring a huge wave of poverty worldwide but – at the same time – it will change us as human beings, it will unite us deep in our souls, making us more sentimental, empathic versus our fellow humans and charitable! Neptune in Pisces will revive romanticism.

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

P.S. You can read more on the mythology of Uranus and Pluto here and on Neptune in Pisces here .
The astrological charts are made with the “Astrolabe’s” Solar Fire Gold 8 software.

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War of Titans: the historical Uranus – Pluto “square”!

(“Prometheus brings Fire to Mankind” – Heinrich Fueger)

The war of the Titans is not taking place just in some Greek mythology books. We are actually witnessing such a Titanomachy above our heads, as planet Uranus is forming a (multi-annual) harsh square aspect with planet Pluto! Under the two battling Titans we stand as feeble spectators and fatal receivers of the tidal cosmic waves they produce.

The implications of this  Uranus – Pluto square are enormous! They extend far beyond our current 2010’s decade (which astrologically will be remembered as the “Uranus – Pluto square decade”) and they will keep reverberating for whole generations to come! So it is very important to comprehend what this battle is all about and what the two Titans are holding in store for us humans beings!

The two opponents

Every time I want to get deep into the astrological archetypes I am resorting to Greek mythology. It never lets me down and is ever more enhancing my awareness of the archetypes – not to mention that is impressively enriching my astrological interpretations! Strictly speaking, Pluto is not in mythology a Titan but an Olympian god (although a grimly one, being the god of underworld). Neither Uranus (Ouranos in Greek, meaning “sky”) was a Titan, but one of the primal “elements – Gods” out of which our earthy dimensions were created. But apart the fact that Ouranos is “the sky”, this primal deity shares very few attributes with planet Uranus. There is though an authentic Titan who shares a plethora of attributes with planet Uranus (and with the sign of Aquarius), PROMETHEUS!

First of all Prometheus is a Titan. The Titans actually were the “second generation” primal deities. Meaning that they were less primal and “archetypal” than their parents and more partaking in our earthy dimensions (more muscular, vigorous and “titanic” in appearance)! Prometheus (his name means “foresight” in Greek) was considered the wisest of the Titans! He could foretell the furure (how appropriate to an Uranian – Aquarian entity). Prometheus somehow befriended the Father of the Olympian Gods Zeus (Jupiter) by whom he was consequently given the task to create – with his rather foolish brother Epimetheus – living creatures on Earth! Hastily Epimetheus commenced creating animals, giving them all kinds of “survival traits” (fangs, claws, armour, feathers to fly etc.). But when he arrived to the creature destined to become the human being he realised he was left out of survival traits. With no “weaponry” at all, this delicate being was doomed! Fortunately Prometheus – who obviously had a weakness for this creature – intervened! He modeled the humans after the Gods and endowed them with the ultimate gift: reason!

Zeus was outraged by this Prometheus action! To compensate, he unleashed upon mankind all kinds of suffering. Humans were left in a dark, cold misery. But again Prometheus came as their rescuer! He stole the fire from the Gods and brought it to the humans, delivering them warmth, “light” and energy. This time Zeus punished Prometheus severely (he bound him to a stake on Mount Caucasus, where an eagle was coming each day to feed upon his ever regenerating liver)!

What is this myth telling us? How crazy in love is Prometheus – Uranus with the human kind! What a superb humanist he is! He doesn’t want us humans to be animal-like, deprived of reason and of the divine “goodies”. Actually, Prometheus’ biggest secret is that he created us upon his own image, that we somehow partake of him! He considers us almost his equals, a sort of brothers. That is why he is so devoted to us humans, that is why he is ever striving to liberate us from our animal descent, to lift us from the “gutter” and enlighten us!

Pluto on the other hand is not that much of a friend to us. He is rather a friend of the “human kind” (in its entirety). And he somehow is a “Spartan”! He wants humans to be strong and crafty, to have a good DNA, so that the human species endures all kind of adversities and survives. He does not love at all the weak, fragile, disabled, gullible individuals (he’d rather have them exterminated as he considers them a peril to the survival of the human race)!

As the god of underworld (the “Hades” in Greek mythology) Pluto is a friend of our souls – meaning of the most “undifferentiated” and collective part of ourselves. Thus, it is not in his interest to know how we behaved during our lifetime, how much “animal-like” or idiotic we have been – as long as we deliver him a soul the moment we die. So actually he is a friend of ours from our death on but not during our lifetime! Pluto is uninterested in single humans, in their individual stories, sorrows, traits, level of awareness etc. (that’s Uranus bussiness). To him people are important only in the masses, when they act as a sort of “mob”, as an homogenized portion of the “human race”! He may turn utterly cruel to seperate individuals.

You may have realized now why Pluto is thriving during major wars, disasters, epidemics etc.! His kingdom is flooded then with human souls. Plus in such circumstances the weaker individuals, those who bear a bad DNA etc. are massively extincted and this means that the human race as a whole is ever more “cleansed” and strenghtened – through a process known as “the survival of the fittest”! No need to guess that Pluto adores the “cleansing” processes in general (and that the fascist regimes adore Pluto)!

Pluto is related to money, to a lot of them! The name Pluto (Πλούτων) sounds like “ploutos” (πλούτος) in Greek, a word that means “richness” (“plutocracy” stems out of the Greek word “ploutos” and plutocracy indeed is ruled by this remote planet)! Pluto is constantly gaining colossal amounts of money, as he is ever usurping the fortunes of the weaker and of the deceased people.

The match!

The two planets are actually forming a harsh square aspect between them. Such an aspect is VERY difficult on its own. But in this case there are some other factors that exacerbate further the hardness of the specific square:

1) First of all, both the signs these two Titans are in (Aries – Capricorn) are “Cardinal”. By their nature, they are very impulsive signs and they tend to start things with a great impetus. This means that since Uranus and Pluto are on a collision course here – in a discordant aspect – their crash is going to be trully defeaning!

2) As if this “cardinal” dominance wasn’t enough, Uranus is located in Aries, in the sign ruled by the bellicose planet Mars! Pluto on the other hand is in Capricorn, in the sign where Mars – the god of war – is “exalted”! Too much Mars is involved here and this denotes an extremely violent “crash” of some kind!

3) Uranus – in its circular motion in the zodiac – is currently forming a waxing “first quarter phase” aspect in respect to Pluto (think of the Moon forming a first quarter phase in respect to the Sun). A waxing phase unleashes tremendous energies.

4) The “polarization factor”. Uranus (being a masculine planet) is in a masculine sign (Aries) while Pluto (being a feminine planet) is in a feminine sign (Capricorn). Too much “polarization” occurs here and polarizations often lead to dramatic outcomes!

There is still another crucial fact: Pluto in the last few years has climbed up to the very “Zenith of the World” – which in the zodiac is represented by the sign of Capricorn (you may read my article explaining this concept here )! Any “social – collective” planet standing on the “Zenith of the World” dictates the “spirit” that will prevail in humanity during its stay there! And since Pluto is the most “elevated” planet now – and it will remain such at least untill 2018, when he will be momentarily supplanted by Saturn – it is Pluto’s spirit that currently rules the entire world. As we said before, Pluto is a dark, underground, ruthless, highly transformative planet that loves the strong and crafty individuals and favours plutocracy (while he disdains the weak and the poor). Don’t we perceive his dark spirit all around us now?

With the dark and “diabolic” Pluto sitting currently on the “Word’s Zenith” our governments seem more “dark” and sinister than ever (a government is ruled astrologically by the sign of Capricorn)! They are apparently getting ever more corrupted and irrational, reaching to the point of even conspiring against us (supposedly they are spraying us with chemtrails, they are massively administering us vaccines containing harmful to us toxic ingredients etc.). And this situation will definitely aggravate by the end of  2012, when Saturn will move into the sign of Scorpio and will start forming a “mutual reception” with Pluto in Capricorn!

And it’s not just Pluto in Capricorn the culprit of the “Middle Ages” mini-era we are entering in. We should blame the Pluto – Uranus square too. Because of this square aspect Pluto is fiercely combating Uranus, hurling him often to the ground and neutralizing thus his “promethean”, humanitarian, awaking energies – to such an extent that these energies seem at times totally lacking from our world! But Uranus/Prometheus is a tough god too, he regains consciousness, stands up on his feet and fights back Pluto (through the street protests the weaker people organize). Who is going to win?

Thomas Gazis

(To be continued)

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Jupiter in Taurus (and the Taurus’ “dark” flip-side)

(photo: Sergey Larenkov)

On the 4th of June 2011 planet Jupiter entered in the sign of Taurus (after completing a crazy race in Aries –  very apropriate to that fiery’s sign nature).  I wanted from the begining to post on my blog an article interpreting Jupiter in Taurus but I had the sense that I was missing something. I could not figure out what it really meant for Jupiter to be in the sign of “the earthy reality”. I was reading other colleagues’ articles who were interpreting Jupiter in Taurus as a “world-wide financial growth” but that interpretation seemed simplistic to me and not very congruent with the current global situation. So, I decided to shy away from any possible interpretation till some kind of inspiration would illuminate me.

I was recently watching on Youtube a documentary on the German occupation of France. Seeing all these German soldiers in front of the beautiful monuments of Paris felt kind of creepy and grotesque. It made me wonder about the astrological “spirit” of that particular period. Was there too much Pluto and Scorpio emphasis back then? Then I suddenly realized that this was the period of the famous Taurus Stellium! No Scorpio at all, but too much Taurus instead (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus)! How could it be? Taurus is supposed to be a sign of peace and prosperity! Why was that much emphasized at the very peak of world war two, when Europe was plunging at a period of utter destruction, misery, famine and massive extermination of lives?

It might have been prosperous just to the Germans, as they had occupied back then rich lands, taken over the conquered countries’ production, factories, people’s gold etc. But to the other Europeans it was an inferno, as even the most simple and carefree to us actions like obtaining food turned to be – to most of them – a desperate everyday battle. So definitely Jupiter in Taurus does not necessarily portend a financial and material prosperity. On the contrary, sometimes Taurus’ “flip side” might come out, a side which is very similar to the nature of Scorpio (not by chance these two signs are polar opposites in the zodiac – and polarities partake and fuse in mysterious ways).

Pondering on this I came up with this conclusion: Jupiter is the planet related to “the expansion of awareness”. Taurus on the other hand is the sign of material goods, of our resources, of our ability to survive and endure, of serenity, of the simple pleasures of life, of our basic, elementary needs. If we combine the two then we might arrive to this interpretation: with Jupiter in Taurus our consciousness will expand to the direction of how important are after all the simple, basic goods and pleasures of life, to which we were not paying too much attention previously as we were thinking of them as trivial, just a matter of course, eternally there for us…But now we will realize how precious they are, that we have to seriously take care of them because they might not always be there! Remember, a loaf of bread, a pair of dirty, worn shoes or just the fact of being alive was enough to make people revel back in the 40’s! How many people revel today over these things? But the point is WE SHOULD! And that’s exactly what Jupiter in Taurus will teach us.

Additionaly, with all these volcanic eruptions ocurring lately all over our globe we realized that Earth is not after all as rock-steady and solid as we thought it to be. It is in its nature to produce every now and then mega-earthquakes and unimaginable volcanic eruptions. This notion will radically change our attitude towards Earth and towards ourselves! We will realise that after all we are just minuscule ants on the surface of an often troubled planet. And of course we will start missing – somehow – our planet in its previous rock-steady state, when we thought that such a state was eternal to our Earth…Well, it turns out it’s not and we’d better start realising it, respecting more the power of the Earth and protecting as much as we can ourselves from its intemperancies!

Another Jupiter in Taurus element that stroke me lately is the fact that two friends of mine are creating a sort of shelter, filling it with food and water just in case something goes very wrong. Although their words sounded as if they were coming out from the past, from the 40’s they were actually the words of relatively young people spoken in 2011! And they sounded very much Jupiter in Taurus! People want to better protect themselves now, to expand their resources and security, in case things turn ugly. They create shelters, they accumulate food while they are investing on gold, silver and precious metals…

Jupiter has to do a lot with travelling (especialy in far distant places). But Jupiter in Taurus is one of the less travelling-prone positions. Look what is happening lately with all these volcaning eruptions and the volcanic ash spreading over entire continents: till a few weeks ago people could not fly over Europe because of the eruption of the two Icelandic volcanoes. And till yesterday they could not fly over South America because of the eruption of the Chile volacano, nor they could fly over a large chunk of Africa because of the recent Eritrea volcanic eruption etc. So, what is the message coming out of all this? I think this one: “if you don’t want to get stranded in an airport for several days avoid to travel by air! Meaning avoid to travel far away! Stay where you are, in your own land and try to make the best out of it. Enjoy the little things everyday life is offering you, avoid pursuing an ever more unattainable happiness in far away places. And as the world is turning ever more crazy and insecure you should seek true happiness and serenity in yourself!”

Thus with Jupiter in Taurus we will mainly expand and cultivate our “inner landscape”, our inner values, our practical skills, while we will start taking a better care of ourselves. We will learn to appreciate more the simple, everyday things that life is offering us. The small pleasures – that is – and the fleeting moments of relaxation and serenity of which previously we were not very much aware of how important they are! And after all, Jupiter in Taurus will at some point attract prosperity, stability and serenity for us. But only in a second phase and rather as a “by-product” of the insight and wisdom we will have gained of how valuable and crucial the basic goods and the “down to earth” matters are!

Thomas Gazis

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