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America is turning against its own self (Trump’s Plutonian demonization)

There is a very odd thing going on in the United States these days. The Americans are massively protesting against Donald Trump, the President that they themselves elected just a couple of months ago! They are marching all over the country, shouting some diminishing or even degrading slogans against their head of State  – and even publicly swearing at him (i.e. Madonna’s case). Apparently the Americans have “demonized” their own president, even before him taking office! To a neutral, European observer like me that seems to be a strange, abnormal occurrence…

I was struck lately by some pictures like the one you see above, portraying president Trump as an ugly, obese pig! I am personally appalled by this specific picture but at the same time I realize that many Americans actually like it, they take some pleasure out of it! Since I have studied some psychology I wonder why people take pleasure out of such an appalling and degrading picture? And then I remembered what I had heard in those psychology classes I attended, that there is a deep-seated psychological mechanism in our souls called “projection”.

In my no expert’s vestiges, I would define “projection” as “a defence psychological mechanism through which we are attributing to somebody else/to others unwanted traits of our own self”! Furthermore, there is a collective kind of projection as well, where many individuals are projecting disparate unwanted traits of themselves upon a specific individual, a specific ethnic or religious minority etc.

In other words, the more unwanted traits, shortcomings, “sins” you harbour in yourself the more you feel the need to project those “bad traits” of yours upon somebody else (be it the Jews, Putin, Trump, it doesn’t actually matter that much). And if you join other people attuned to that very same need of yours then you might start marching with them. protesting loudly – and that turns out to be a “cathartic”, therapeutic experience to you!

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not “en masse” accusing the protesters nor am I on Trump’s payroll. I didn’t vote republican, I am not an American citizen, I don’t even like the guy. I am trying though to see the whole picture and make some (astrological) sense out of what I see as a rather absurd and irrational situation. Because to me it is like America snapping in front of my eyes and turning against its own self! I have never witnessed that in such a colossal scale (and I think the situation is somehow reminiscent of the Civil War period)…

As we saw, demonizing somebody beyond ourselves has its perks, because it  makes you feel better deep in your soul! And when you do that on a collective level you are summoning – astrologically speaking – Pluto! Because all this massive projection and “shadow dancing” is bearing some typically Plutonian hallmarks! So, something must be going on with Pluto in America’s “National Horoscope”! And guess what, it actually is!

You might be familiar with the chart you see below. It is the famous “Sibly” National Horoscope of the United States of America!

As you probably know – and as you can see above – America is ruled by the sign of Cancer – its natal Sun being in that specific sign. In “Mundane Astrology” (the Astrology of Nations) the Sun is traditionally representing the “Head of the State”! Henceforth Donald Trump in our case! USA’s natal Sun is located at the 14th degree of Cancer. and as you might have already heard, transiting Pluto is currently opposing – for the first time ever in the history of the USA their natal Sun! That’s a big event! And since Pluto is representing the masses, the collective “shadow” (and the “irrational” as well) it’s no surprise that the masses are turning against their own president right now!

When Pluto is strongly aspecting the Sun of a country it is affecting its very core identity. It is not by chance that the American society has been permeated by a somehow “end of times”, a “dying” sensation in the last few years, as Pluto was opposing the country’s natal Sun! And in a certain sense the old America has been moribund for a long time. The very American population is somehow altered as the Hispanic-Asian-afroamerican citizens are about to outnumber the traditional Anglo-European ones. That’s a huge transformation to a country! Additionally, the USA are not considered anymore the undisputed financial superpower they once were, as China is about to become the most powerful country in the world. Industries are transported abroad, people are left without jobs, the middle class is ever more fading!

As we know, Pluto is instigating fear, suspicion and irrationality to the people fear(when adversely aspecting their country’s natal Sun)! And irrationality is wide-spread now in the USA, as many people are claiming that the Russians rigged the elections (how they did that? Do they possess some alien device through which they can influence people’s minds? And how they managed to influence just the half of the American population? Can you see the irrationality of it?)

All in all, Pluto has been opposing the natal Sun of the USA for (at least) the last seven years! And it almost perfectly opposed (due to its retrogradation) the USA’s Sun just before the recent presidential elections. There are some other factors too that contributed to the current strange political situation: the USA’s progressed Moon (which is representing the American people) is travelling now in the USA’s 12th House, a House representing the concept of “process dissolving”, “the End” of a major cycle, the impoverishment, the disillusionment, dissatisfaction and confusion of the people!

Furthermore, the aforementioned progressed Moon is currently squaring the USA’s progressed Sun (and this particular configuration was impressively enacted these days by the massive women marches (the Moon) against their Head of State (the Sun)! Transiting Neptune is also conjuncting the progressed USA’s Sun, exacerbating the sadness, confusion and despair!

Too much Pluto, too much Neptune, things are not what they seem to be! People cannot discern fiction from fact (blame it on the recent Saturn – Neptune square too), they are acting irrationally and out of fear and ultimately they are easily manipulated and deceived! Not to mention that we are now under the auspices of the historical Uranus – Eris conjunction. Meaning that “expiatory goats” are urgently needed for the collective to dispose of its own “sins” and burdens. A paradoxical Taoist/Quantistic spirit is prevailing in the global political scene, polarities are blurred and opposite concepts like “good” and “bad” are beginning to feel the same! Thus, under the present “Zeitgeist” the good politician might easily turn to be the bad one – and the other way around!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis


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When Hades reached the top of the firmament (the “dark” 2010 – ’20 decade)!

As you most probably know Hades is the mythical god of the underworld. Therefore Hades (or Pluto) should be normally dwelling under our feet, within the farthest depths of the earth. How would you feel then if I told you that Hades has actually left his gruesome kingdom and has climbed over the top of the sky, over the very “Zenith of the world”? If I told you that Hades is currently hovering over our heads, having taken under his control our societies? Well, there might be a sort of “horror movie” feeling to it but that’s the reality! The grisly Pluto’s form is hovering over our heads, ominously casting his shadow and disrupting our societies (radically transforming and regenerating them too).

I think most of us have experienced – and we are experiencing it as we speak – this subtle plutonian sensation…We are living in a critical, deeply transformative era. And Pluto will continue to be at the very “top of the world” throughout the entire decade. So, in the future the Astrologers will be referring to our times as “the dark 2010 – ’20 decade, when Pluto was at the zenith of the world”!

Pluto has been transiting for the last seven years in the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn is a “high consciousness” earthy, cardinal sign and in mundane astrology it represents the “World’s Zenith”. This “World’s Zenith” (or “World’s MC”) concept is a very simple one – and quite functional as you will see.

In the image below you see the Zodiac in its classic “archetypal” orientation, with the sign of Aries to the left (9 o’clock) and the sign of Capricorn on top:

As we know, the Zodiac circle is forming the very basis of the horoscope. But in reality the Zodiac is a “dynamic” entity rather than an inanimate one (I personally call it a “universal software”), an entity controlling ALL the processes within the Universe! From the birth of a man to the manufacturing of a car, from the course of a love affair to the course of humanity itself! And ultimately, this turns to be extremely convenient to us!

You see, probably we will never find out which is mankind’s “natal horoscope” (the exact date the first man was born). But we are still given an alternative solution: we can study the course of the entire humanity through the positions and the aspects of the “socio- collective” planets (Jupiter to Pluto) within the Zodiac! The only thing we have to do is to put just the “socio- collective” planets in the above “archetypally oriented” zodiac. And then voila! We are immediately getting the “World Horoscope” for the period we are interested in. It is that easy!

On the very top of the World Horoscope there is an area (corresponding to the sign of Capricorn) called the “World’s Midheaven” – “World’s MC” or “World’s Zenith”. The World’s MC is revealing to us – depending on the planets transiting over it – the kind of “energies” that are currently diffused and prevailing in our societies, in world economy etc. It is also revealing the quality of our rulers, of the actual “ruling class”, of the governments and the “establishment” in general.

Therefore, with dark Pluto residing now on the “World’s MC” area  the “zeitgeist” prevailing in our societies is a rather dark, “chthonic”, ruthless, highly transformative and (even) “deadly” one. And not just for the time being but throughout the entire decade – because planet Pluto (the black planet in the image below, on the highest point of the “World Horoscope”) will remain in that area for ten more years.

Pluto is responsible for the “crisis” we have been experiencing in the last seven years, for the “debt” issue that dominates the world scene, for the “imminent collapse” sensation we all have, for the “absurdity” of it all… We all (pretty much) feel that we are living in an Era of abrupt decline, an Era that has led us to the very brink… And our fear is that there are going to be even greater sufferings down the road! We have reached the point of worrying even about our own survival! As a matter of fact, all these words: “debt”, “crisis”, “decline”, “collapse”,”irrationality”, “fear”, “survival” are  classic “key-words” associated to Pluto! But why are we going through this situation? Because in the last seven years Pluto has risen over the top of the firmament!  Thus, it is not just the notorious Uranus – Pluto “square aspect” responsible for the tumultuous atmosphere we are sensing all around us in the recent years but to a large extent the ascent of Pluto on the “World’s Zenith” as well!

Pluto was again in the very same portion of the zodiac (and on top of the sky) some 250 years ago. But its impact was much smaller back then, for a simple reason: there were no organized societies around – to the extent there are now (New York for example looked like a small provincial town back then, while the current colossal financial and commercial networks had not developed yet – nor the stock markets. I am saying this because Pluto in Capricorn affects primarily the so called “over-organized societies” – which are generally under the auspices of the sign of Capricorn). Therefore, never before in the history of mankind the presence of Pluto in Capricorn / on the “World’s  MC” is impacting us as strongly as nowadays! What we are experiencing now has not ever been experienced by any previous generation within the last 200,000 years (since Homo Sapiens appeared on Earth, that is)!

Do you remember “Hades” in mythology? It is the same (tricky) deity as Pluto. Hades resides in the underworld and is grabbing the souls of the dead – and their fortunes as well. Actually Hades is a “quintillioner” as he is steadily accumulating over the centuries the fortunes of all the deceased people! Does this sound familiar? The International Monetary Fund seems to have become the “underworld” of our time, as it is accumulating more and more the fortunes of the various supposedly “dead” – under a financial point of view –  countries, contributing thus to the deterioration of the global financial crisis and the spreading of poverty and hunger among many countries – which until a few years ago were doing rather well.

As the “dark” and “evil” Pluto is now on the very “Zenith” of humanity most governments seem more “dark” and sinister than ever! Many governments are cruelly taxiing  their less advantaged citizens  while anti-constitutional foreclosures seem to be the norm of the time! Actually, usurpation of money and properties is the norm by now almost all over the world – not by chance, Pluto is the great “Usurper”

In general, our governments seem to operate in an increasingly corrupt and irrational manner (irrationality and madness being two typically Plutonian elements). Things have gotten so absurd that our governments seem to conspire against us the citizens (supposedly our governments are “spraying” us with chemicals (i.e. chemtrails), are urging us to take useless and harmful vaccines that contain toxic substances etc.). This feeling of collusive cruelty from the part of the authorities has been enhanced during the years 2013 – 2014 – as Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio (and formed a “mutual reception” with Pluto in Capricorn – which I personally believe we should  classify as a very tough reception).

As we explained before, any “social – collective” planet standing in the “World’s Zenith” dictates the “spirit” that will prevail within humanity during its stay there! And since Pluto is the most “elevated” planet now (and will remain so at least until 2023 – while in 2018 Pluto will be joined by Saturn as well), it is the spirit of Pluto that is currently prevailing all over the world!

Pluto is a dark, underground, irrational, ruthless, highly transformative planet who supports the strong and “unscrupulous” kind of people and encourages plutocracy – while he despises the weak individuals and therefore the poor and disadvantaged ones. He rather loves the tough guys, the tricksters (even the “dirty” and the immoral ones), those who manage to survive and to enrich themselves (as mentioned, Pluto loves the riches) no matter if they employed cruel, dark and immoral methods (it is no coincidence that Pluto is tightly related to the mobsters) …

Ultimately though, things are not so “black”. All planets have a creative side and in the case of Pluto this is the transformation that he will massively entail to the organized societies all over our planet. Pluto will dissolve the old, worn-out and non-functional elements and structures and out of the ashes a new, more alive, functional and healthy world will emerge! All this of course will not be achieved painlessly but probably through profound and agonizing procedures which will eventually affect in a myriad ways (mentally, morally, financially and even physically) vast masses of people – eventually bringing to full despair the weaker and more vulnerable ones. Pluto’s game is not meant for the faint hearted …

Pluto, however, is not entirely free to do what he wants. He has been fiercely fought by another Titan, which is currently located on the “World’s Ascendant” (see a couple of images above), struggling to ascend to heaven and displace Pluto – resending him back to the underworld – where he actually belongs. We are talking about planet Uranus (the blue planet in the horoscope below, on the left). Uranus standing actually on the “World’s Ascendant” is the major indicator of the sort of “energies” and trends that are currently springing forth in our societies (the “World’s Ascendant” is a “gateway” ever diffusing in a torrential way fresh cosmic energies to humanity – and to each individual. And since Uranus possesses some intensely humanistic qualities this planet is fighting now for the rights of the disadvantaged and unadjusted people (urging them to rise up)!

We are thus in a situation where on one hand Pluto – standing over the “World’s Zenith” – is ever making the ruling class more brutal, corrupt, cruel and oppressive, while on the other hand Uranus over the “World’s Ascendant” is making people more freedom demanding,  rebellious and revolutionary than ever! And things are going over the edge especially in the period 2012 – 2015, when Pluto and Uranus are tightly forming a particularly tough planetary aspect called “square”. Thus the split between the ordinary citizen and the “authorities” is widening in the years 2012 -2015 – as a “partile” square aspect is formed  several times during this period – because Uranus and Pluto move back and forth.

Planet Uranus is the “Great Awakener” and the “Rebel with a cause”! About three years ago it reached the point of the “World’s Ascendant” and it dynamically started “awakening” the people all over the planet, urging them to overthrow their corrupt governments and seize power! A brave new individual is begot now, no longer a numbed and indifferent “consumerism machine” but visionary and enlightened, committed to its social fabric, open to its fellow-humans and with an elevated, cosmic consciousness!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

P.S. –   I have been developing  (and teaching  in my seminars) the “World Horoscope” and “World’s MC / Zenith” concepts since 2011.

– At some point we should start taking into consideration the planetoids such as Eris, Sedna etc.

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Global credit crisis and Fear! (the Pluto in Capricorn amazing synchronicity)

An astonishing synchronicity is taking place under our own eyes. A subtle celestial phenomenon – which the vast majority of scientists is disregarding and which supposedly has nothing to do with the proceedings here on Earth – is actually affecting dramatically our societies and lives, our world economy, the politics, our mass psychology etc.! Against every scientific odd, this phenomenon is affecting our lives precisely in the way the Astrologers had predicted decades ago!

The subtle phenomenon is – of course – the entering of the deeply transformative planet Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn (the zodiacal sign related to governments, institutions, society in general, busssiness, frugality etc.) Pluto entered for the first time in Capricorn on the 26th of January 2008. Consequently it returned (due to its retrogradation) to Sagittarius and finally entered for good in Capricorn on 27 November 2008. Are these dates ringing a bell to you? Approximately on these dates the huge financial crisis erupted world – wide. The shape of many things around us changed drastically – our economy, our houses, families, wallets, every day lives, even our moods. Debt became the word of order and unemployment, poverty and desperation escalated in the western world.

There is a video that explains well the – actually complicated – credit crisis. You might get a headache at the end, but you will definitely get some idea of what happened.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis Vimeo

If you saw the video, I would like to point out that there is too much astrological Pluto involved in it – in this “inter-weaving of interests”, crazy profit hunting and “financial bubbles construction” that ultimately led to the global crisis. All these are very Plutonian concepts.

But isn’t strange that our current world crisis ultimately amounts to a financial and CREDIT CRISIS? Because that’s what Pluto in Capricorn is all about: Pluto = common money, credit. Capricorn = shrinking of things, shortage, crisis. Combined together = shortage of common money, shrinking of credit, crisis of credit. What kind of “coincidence” is this? And is it a coincidence or a majestic quantum synchronicity, an utter proof that Astrology really works? Because the current “once in a century” global financial credit crisis – being heralded as I told you decades ago by many Astrologers – erupted at the very time period that Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn!

I recently read an article by David P Kuhlman (you can see it here) which I think is excellent. I would like to share part of it with you. As the author talks about the shrinking of economy, about power and the spread of panic and fear in our societies (some other typical Pluto in Capricorn effects) it is as if he were talking about the astrological effects of Pluto in Capricorn:

“In the world in which we live, money and the power of the almighty dollar have always been at the forefront. It seems the more money a person makes the more socially attractive a person becomes. This has led people from all walks of life in search of the quickest and simplest ways to make their fortune. In 2009 the United States suffered one of the most crippling economic crises since Black Monday in 1929…

The things we think of in the sense of buying are usually material and tangible goods. We saw a major decline in this area of spending. Most every market that sold these items were shaken hard, and if they did not collapse they had to seriously rework their agendas to bypass the near inevitable crash. One thing selling however was unaffected by the turmoil of economics, a product that has been selling for years to people all over the world. In times of hardship this product gains in momentum in sales rather than falls, and the seller continues to rake in money at other peoples expense. The item for sell is fear itself.”
(David P. Kuhlman)

Astrologically speaking, FEAR is another by-product of Pluto in Capricorn. Remember that planet Pluto is the planet of death, of crises and extreme psychological dispositions. The planet of money and finances too. Pluto is related to the masses, to the Junghian concept of “collective unconscious”. And in no other zodiacal sign the God of the underworld produces more fear than in Scorpio and in Capricorn. When Pluto was in Scorpio (1983 – 1995) it unleashed the spectre of AIDS, of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster etc. And now in Capricorn, Pluto is unleashing the spectre of debt, unemployment and famine, the spectre of devilish funds, bankers and corporations secretly plotting side by side with our governments! Under the spell of Pluto in Capricorn our societies are turning “darker” and in a certain sense “hineous”!

Thomas Gazis

(P.S. You may read my article on “Pluto in Capricorn”  here ).

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Pluto in Capricorn

(Photo: AFP)

(Thomas Gazis note: back in 2008, a couple of days before Pluto moved to Capricorn, I published this article in Greek – and then I somehow forgot it. Then, recently I noticed that many of the things predicted in the article had already happened in real life – as the years were passing by! Here is the article translated in English…)

An extremely important astrological event will occur on 26 January 2008 (at exactly 4:37:13 am, GMT). Planet Pluto will change its zodiacal position, leaving behind the sign of Sagittarius and entering Capricorn (where it will stay for about 17 years, till 2024)! This change is extremely important for the following reasons:
1) Both the sign of Capricorn and the planet Pluto are considered in astrology as elements of “strain”. They do provide maturity and integration to people, but mainly through hardships.2) Pluto is in itself a very powerful planet (for us astrologers still remains a planet). It is actually a planet that affects strongly the masses, the “collective unconscious”, the economy, the global energy stocks. Moreover, he often triggers massive fatal events. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a pivotal zodiacal sign, as it stands at the top of the axis of the “Cardinal Cross” signs! Capricorn is rigid and Pluto extremely powerful! The meeting of these two astrological energies is expected to breed strong and decisive events, events which will change the course of humanity in the next 17 years and lead it into a whole new direction (when the signs of the “Cardinal Cross” are strongly activated they release huge amounts of energy which on their turn thrust humanity into new directions)!

3) The last time in history that the same thing happened (Pluto entered Capricorn) was in 1762 – whole 246 years ago! And Pluto stayed in Capricorn till 1778. This was a particularly critical period in the history of mankind. The United States declared their independence (initiating thus the countdown to the collapse of the all-mighty till then British Empire)! At the same time, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire occured! It is likely, therefore, to witness the collapse of an empire within the next 17 years !

4) This zodiacal shift is especially important to Greece, as this country is “born” under the sign of Capricorn (see my relative article The natal chart of modern Greece). Therefore, some very relevant events are expected to happen especially in Greece in the next 17 years, that will propel this country into a new, radically different direction!

Thus, what I write here applies to all humanity but in a particular way to Greece!

First of all, the sign of Capricorn represents astrologically all social and political “institutions”. All the commonly accepted – that is – systems of management and governance in our society, countries etc. At the apex of such pyramid lie the governments themselves and the people who staff them, the “rulers”, the administrative and repressive mechanisms etc.

With the entrance now of Pluto in Capricorn all the above mentioned institutions will become more “plutonic”! I will explain you right away what I mean! First though we should stress the fact that each planet has 2 sides, the creative and destructive one! The creative side of Pluto is that he destroys whatever is old, worn, “sick”, with no strength in it and regenerates it under a new, vibrant, healthy form! At the same time, Pluto is the planet of the “masses”, of the ordinary people when they act en masse! Thus, a basic scenario is that we are now entering a phase where politics, the governments will change their structure in depth, they will completely regenerate! At the same time, the everyday people, the masses, will start exerting a more direct and dynamic influence on the governments – especially if they are not democratic!

(You may read the rest of the article here )  

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