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America is turning against its own self (Trump’s Plutonian demonization)

There is a very odd thing going on in the United States these days. The Americans are massively protesting against Donald Trump, the President that they themselves elected just a couple of months ago! They are marching all over the country, shouting some diminishing or even degrading slogans against their head of State  – and even publicly swearing at him (i.e. Madonna’s case). Apparently the Americans have “demonized” their own president, even before him taking office! To a neutral, European observer like me that seems to be a strange, abnormal occurrence…

I was struck lately by some pictures like the one you see above, portraying president Trump as an ugly, obese pig! I am personally appalled by this specific picture but at the same time I realize that many Americans actually like it, they take some pleasure out of it! Since I have studied some psychology I wonder why people take pleasure out of such an appalling and degrading picture? And then I remembered what I had heard in those psychology classes I attended, that there is a deep-seated psychological mechanism in our souls called “projection”.

In my no expert’s vestiges, I would define “projection” as “a defence psychological mechanism through which we are attributing to somebody else/to others unwanted traits of our own self”! Furthermore, there is a collective kind of projection as well, where many individuals are projecting disparate unwanted traits of themselves upon a specific individual, a specific ethnic or religious minority etc.

In other words, the more unwanted traits, shortcomings, “sins” you harbour in yourself the more you feel the need to project those “bad traits” of yours upon somebody else (be it the Jews, Putin, Trump, it doesn’t actually matter that much). And if you join other people attuned to that very same need of yours then you might start marching with them. protesting loudly – and that turns out to be a “cathartic”, therapeutic experience to you!

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not “en masse” accusing the protesters nor am I on Trump’s payroll. I didn’t vote republican, I am not an American citizen, I don’t even like the guy. I am trying though to see the whole picture and make some (astrological) sense out of what I see as a rather absurd and irrational situation. Because to me it is like America snapping in front of my eyes and turning against its own self! I have never witnessed that in such a colossal scale (and I think the situation is somehow reminiscent of the Civil War period)…

As we saw, demonizing somebody beyond ourselves has its perks, because it  makes you feel better deep in your soul! And when you do that on a collective level you are summoning – astrologically speaking – Pluto! Because all this massive projection and “shadow dancing” is bearing some typically Plutonian hallmarks! So, something must be going on with Pluto in America’s “National Horoscope”! And guess what, it actually is!

You might be familiar with the chart you see below. It is the famous “Sibly” National Horoscope of the United States of America!

As you probably know – and as you can see above – America is ruled by the sign of Cancer – its natal Sun being in that specific sign. In “Mundane Astrology” (the Astrology of Nations) the Sun is traditionally representing the “Head of the State”! Henceforth Donald Trump in our case! USA’s natal Sun is located at the 14th degree of Cancer. and as you might have already heard, transiting Pluto is currently opposing – for the first time ever in the history of the USA their natal Sun! That’s a big event! And since Pluto is representing the masses, the collective “shadow” (and the “irrational” as well) it’s no surprise that the masses are turning against their own president right now!

When Pluto is strongly aspecting the Sun of a country it is affecting its very core identity. It is not by chance that the American society has been permeated by a somehow “end of times”, a “dying” sensation in the last few years, as Pluto was opposing the country’s natal Sun! And in a certain sense the old America has been moribund for a long time. The very American population is somehow altered as the Hispanic-Asian-afroamerican citizens are about to outnumber the traditional Anglo-European ones. That’s a huge transformation to a country! Additionally, the USA are not considered anymore the undisputed financial superpower they once were, as China is about to become the most powerful country in the world. Industries are transported abroad, people are left without jobs, the middle class is ever more fading!

As we know, Pluto is instigating fear, suspicion and irrationality to the people fear(when adversely aspecting their country’s natal Sun)! And irrationality is wide-spread now in the USA, as many people are claiming that the Russians rigged the elections (how they did that? Do they possess some alien device through which they can influence people’s minds? And how they managed to influence just the half of the American population? Can you see the irrationality of it?)

All in all, Pluto has been opposing the natal Sun of the USA for (at least) the last seven years! And it almost perfectly opposed (due to its retrogradation) the USA’s Sun just before the recent presidential elections. There are some other factors too that contributed to the current strange political situation: the USA’s progressed Moon (which is representing the American people) is travelling now in the USA’s 12th House, a House representing the concept of “process dissolving”, “the End” of a major cycle, the impoverishment, the disillusionment, dissatisfaction and confusion of the people!

Furthermore, the aforementioned progressed Moon is currently squaring the USA’s progressed Sun (and this particular configuration was impressively enacted these days by the massive women marches (the Moon) against their Head of State (the Sun)! Transiting Neptune is also conjuncting the progressed USA’s Sun, exacerbating the sadness, confusion and despair!

Too much Pluto, too much Neptune, things are not what they seem to be! People cannot discern fiction from fact (blame it on the recent Saturn – Neptune square too), they are acting irrationally and out of fear and ultimately they are easily manipulated and deceived! Not to mention that we are now under the auspices of the historical Uranus – Eris conjunction. Meaning that “expiatory goats” are urgently needed for the collective to dispose of its own “sins” and burdens. A paradoxical Taoist/Quantistic spirit is prevailing in the global political scene, polarities are blurred and opposite concepts like “good” and “bad” are beginning to feel the same! Thus, under the present “Zeitgeist” the good politician might easily turn to be the bad one – and the other way around!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis


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A fatal kind of Synastry that resulted in Michelangelo’s disfigurement!

It is an irony that Michelangelo, the man who produced some of the finest works our world has ever seen and who glorified earth with heavenly beauty, was physically “ugly” himself! And not just ugly but actually disfigured! Not by nature but out of an act of violence inflicted upon him by one of his fellow students bearing the name Pietro Torrigiano!

Torrigiano was anything but a minor personality. In time he would become a great artist himself. He is accredited as the person who kick-started the British Renaissance (he escaped to England after injuring Michelangelo – as the latter was a protegee of the omnipotent Florentine family of the Medici)! Torrigiano was gifted alright but somehow unlucky too, as he was born at the same time and place as Michelangelo. This meant that he was condemned to live at the shadow of Michelangelo’s towering geniusness. Thus, it does not surprise us at all the fact that he was very jealous of him.

All in all, he was a tough, “macho” kind of man (he was even drafted at some point as a mercenary soldier). Obviously he was longing for any kind of pretence that would offer him the chance to unleash his smouldering grudge towards Michelangelo. And this chance was  given to him on a day when the two were copying – as apprentists – side by side some frescoes. Michelangelo made some snide remark to Torrigiano who was so much enraged by it that he punched him on the nose, breaking it.

According to Torrigiano’s own testimony of the event:

“This Buonarroti (Michelangelo) and I used when we were boys to go into the Church of the Carmine to learn drawing from the chapel of Masaccio. It was Buonarroti’s habit to banter all who were drawing there; and one day, among others, when he was annoying me, I got more angry than usual, and clenching my fist, gave him such a blow on the nose, that I felt bone and cartilage go down like biscuit beneath my knuckles; and this mark of mine he will carry with him to the grave.”

There is obviously too much jealousy and animosity involved in the Michelangelo – Torrigiano relationship (especially from Torrigiano’s part). And since the quality of a relationship depends largely on the type of Synastry that is formed between its members it seems as though the Michelangleo – Torrigiano Synastry was not a particularly happy one. And as we will soon see, indeed it wasn’t!

We do have in our disposition the complete birth data for Michelangelo (his time of birth as well) so we can cast his complete natal chart (you may see it below). He was a double Pisces (Sun and Moon in Pisces) with a Sagittarius Ascendant! His natal Moon and the ruler of his horoscope (Jupiter) are both residing in his Second House (in a very “solid”, down to earth and artistic House, that is)! His Sun is conjuncted by the ultra-energetic and bellicose planet Mars. Being a double Pisces he was meek alright but he was probably exhibiting as well some sudden Martian outbursts!

We know as well Torrigiano’s date of birth: November 24, 1472 (Old Style of course – Julian Calendar). As you can see below Torrigiano was a Sagitturius with a Virgonean Moon. And as in Michelangelo’s case he has a bellicose Sun / Mars conjunction too (in a fiery sign this time – no coincidence he is described as a man with a rather violent temper):

Although we don’t know Torrigiano’s time of birth we can still conduct a decent synastric study for these two Italian Renaissance artists. You may see their Synastry below (Michelangelo’s chart in the inner wheel and Torrigiano’s in the outer one):

We should start with the fact that their solar signs (Pisces and Sagittarius) are inharmonious. Although they traditionally share the same ruler – Jupiter – their natures (feminine – masculine, aquatic – igneous) are quite different and it is very hard for them to find some common ground. Michelangelo’s and Torrigiano’s respective Marses are not helping them either in that sense, as they are forming a square aspect among them – magnifying and exacerbating even the most trivial friction in their interaction. And since both their Marses are aspecting their respective Plutos’ too the slightest friction among them was producing extreme turmoil in their souls and was thus escalating into a deadly hostility – as if their very existence were in jeopardy!

If we had to associate envy with a specific planet then most probably this would be Saturn (and Saturn is particularly envious in front of accomplishments, recognition and fame). And in the current Synastry Torrigiano’s Saturn is forming a harsh square aspect to both Michelangelo’s Sun and Mars! This means that Torrigiano was feeling somehow inadequate in front of Michelangeo. He must have been cultivating in his soul a deadly envy for the latter’s brilliance, vivacity and talents! And as he was a couple of years senior to Michelangelo he probably tried to control and manipulate him, untill things escalated into that famous punching!

You see, although Torrigiano was too “macho”, his Virgonean Moon was very sensitive to criticism.  Thus, Michelangelo’s remarks seem to have upset him rather excessively and disproportionately to the occasion. And this due to the fact that Michelangelo’s Mars and Pluto are forming stressful and somehow “corrosive” aspects with Torrigiano’s Moon in Virgo.

This brief synastric analysis would be rather incomplete if we did not mention the fact that Torrigiano’s Sun, Mars and Venus are all “falling” in Michelangelo’s Twelfth House. The Twelfth House is a somehow “debilitating” area of the chart. Thus, if you are a tough guy you don’t want your Sun and your Mars to fall in some other guy’s Twelfth House – especially if you consider him a competitor of yours. In such an eventuality, you feel rather weak and confused when interacting with that guy. We might say that Torrigiano was somehow feeling “belittled” even by Michelangelo’s mere presence! And that’s a very discomforting sensation to someone who has not worked with himself and has not experienced the transcendental “Ego dissolution” state as a potentially “elevating” thing…The only alternative left then to the “raw” kind of people – in order for them to jump out of the numbing and humiliating limbo of the Twelfth House – is to resort to spasmodic acts and to an apparently unmotivated aggression…

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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An astrological analysis of Robin Williams’ death

Popular actor Robin Williams was found dead on August 11th, 2014. This came as a surprise to many because Robin Williams – as far as we know – was not suffering  from any fatal illness… And the surprise got even bigger when we read that the “Jumanji” man commited suicide! Well, he was fighting a long battle against depresion and substances addiction but apparently he was doing well with rehab. In any case, there are out there millions of people living under similar conditions – or much much worse under a financial point of view – and most of them DO NOT commit suicide! What went wrong then with Robin Williams? His natal chart (and the transits/progresions in it) might offer us some clues.

To begin with, Robin Williams has a very “watery” chart. Apart from being a Cancer and having a Scorpio Ascendant he has a PISCES Moon too in the FOURTH House! This watery over-emphasis endowed him with an “audience charisma” (he had a very special way of “touching” emotionally the audience)! On the other hand, with so much water in his chart he was way too sensitive! And this sensitivity of his has been exacerbated recently by transiting Neptune touching his over-sensitive Pisces Moon in the Fourth House!

Meanwhile, his progressed Moon was currently moving in his Eighth House and was about to form a square aspect to his natal Saturn! His progressed Sun too was still forming a conjunction to his natal Saturn! So we are getting here a particular configuartion that denotes very well his pre-mortem state of mind: both his progressed Luminaries are forming a major aspect with Saturn – that we might call a “double-whammy” configuration! Add to this transiting Saturn on his Ascendant/ in his First House and you see “restriction” coming out big time in Robin’s life! And a sense of “heaviness” as well, of aging rapidly and not getting much satisfaction out of life…

Apparently, Robin was an ultra sensitive person going now through an ultra Saturnian period (and as Saturn in Psychological astrology is considered a major depresion agent we get a better picture now of what Robin Williams was experiencing in these last days of his life)! He was a “Puer” that all of the sudden had to become a “Senex”… But as he was an eternal “Peter-Pan” symbol a “Senex” could never become! You see he endeared himself to the audiences for being the “Anti-Senex” symbol par excellence! And with so much “water: in his chart that kind of “endearment” he could not afford to lose…

Thomas Gazis

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