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A recent scientific “symmetry field” theory might be totally justifying Astrology!

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The Zodiac has always been a conundrum to me! It constitutes the “gran nexus” of Astrology but we know next to nothing about it! We are fairly sure (we, the Astrologers) that it exists, but if somebody asks us “Where exactly is the Zodiac lying?” we will be left rather clueless…You see, we don’t really know! What we know is that the Zodiac is some kind of “belt”! A non-magnetic belt obviously, because if it were one it would have been detected by now. And if it is not a magnetic belt then what is it made from (since there aren’t many alternatives)? And ultimately, where exactly is this belt? Is it over our heads, over our highest mountain, up in the stratosphere, in the near-Earth space, somewhere within the distant space or simply everywhere?

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